Occulture Conference, Berlin

I’ll be speaking about Henry-Claude Innocent’s Simbi-Makaya account of Vodou politics in Haiti at the Occulture conference in Berlin on 16-18 November. More information about the conference, the schedule of events and talks and tickets can be found here.



Recent Podcasts and Review

I’ve recently had the good fortune to have been interviewed on two excellent podcasts. The first was with the blogger Meta-Nomad on his fringe philosophy and esotericist podcast Hermetix where I speak about Bataille, the Bwa Kayiman ceremony, zombies, Mark Fisher and Nick Land. The second was with Ryan Peverly for his Occulture podcast where we discuss Bataille’s philosophy of horror, the racial configuration of the zombie figure and speculate about their implications for zombie apocalypse narratives.

Daniel Miller has written an excellent and provocative review of Undead Uprising  – Progress and The Voodoo Gods – at Social Matter. 

Closing the Gates 20/05/18

I’ll be leading a discussion at the closing event of Anna Sebastian’s show Invisible Gates at Mercer Chance (Hoxton Street, London) tonight.

There will also be a screening of Alberto Danelli’s wonderful film about artist’s in the Grand Rue area of Port-au-Prince ‘Potoprens Amou Mwe’ (Port-au-Prince my love).

It would be great to see you there.

Haitian Artists’ Interviews

This event, organised by Alberto Danelli, promises to be excellent. He will be showing a series of interviews he made with Haitian artist’s involved in last year’s Ghetto Biennale.

Dedalux Flyer03

Talk at Nottingham Contemporary

I will be giving a talk about Undead Uprising at Nottingham Contemporary on Thursday, January 18th. Details can be found here. I will be in conversation with Wendy Asquith, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, University of Nottingham.

The event is free. All welcome.

Ghetto Biennale Catalogue Launch

The Ghetto Biennale catalogue, which showcases work made during first four events and contains a number of supporting essays  – including my own ‘WEIRD Commerce at the Ghetto Biennale‘ – will be launched in London on Saturday 18th November at No.w.here project space in Bethnal Green, between 8 and 11.30 pm. During the evening we will be screening a number of films made during the Ghetto Biennale, including Invisible Mirrors and The Tele Geto Sign Painting Video. Music on the night will be provided by Museum of Trance, Soul Jazz DJ’s and Bill Drummond.

The event is free and there will be beer.