On Thursday May 18 I will be giving a talk entitled ‘Chimerical Optics: Haiti, Colonialism and Voodoo Terror’ at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. More details can be found here. This will be a fully illustrated 2 hour talk using clips from several of the films discussed in Undead Uprising. It will take place at the legendary venue for all things underground and avant in London, the The Horse Hospital.

I have given an interview with Kat Ellinger about the upcoming talk over at Diabolique magazine. Special thanks to Kier-La Janisse, founder the of Miskatonic Institute, for this fabulous promotional trailer:


Here is a short interview with me that Alexander McLean shot during the Portman Gallery “Art Power” exhibition which gives some background to the production of the show as well a little bit about Haitian history.

I will be speaking as a guest on Tracy Moberly’s Late, Late Breakfast Show on Resonance FM on Friday 26th Feb from 12 till 1 pm. Tracy, who participated in Ghetto Biennale with her Power in the Blood project, will also be speaking to André Eugene from Atis-Rezistans.

Remote Viewing

February 10, 2010

If anyone happens to know anyone in Sidney they might want to go to this show in which I’m showing the Invisible Mirrors film about the ceremonial boar.